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Andrew - The Ambassador


The Apostle Andrew was the first Disciple to follow Jesus. His reliance on Revelation granted him keen spiritual insight and the ability to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Andrew’s strong faith gave him the courage to follow Jesus and to believe in the power of His miracles. Andrew’s thirst for Revelation helped him gain private access to Jesus and His prophetic teachings, while his focus on relationships made him a trusted ally and friend. Andrew acted as the connective tissue linking the inner and outer circles of Christ’s followers.

Yet, Andrew had to overcome the temptation to view himself as superior to others because of his spiritual insight. As the first Disciple, Andrew could have taken a prominent leadership position in the Church, but he instead put his effort into building a community of faith that welcomed all people as equals. Andrew’s embrace of different Traditions helped him reach out to people of different backgrounds, while respect for his own Traditions enabled him to act as an Ambassador for the love and grace of God.

If you are an Ambassador like Andrew…

You are a loyal and empathetic person. You have an intuitive understanding of people and relationships. You try to foster a sense of community and enjoy helping others grow and develop. You are often the first person to reach out to someone you sense needs your help. You are also eager to embrace changes that will make the world a better place.

However, like Andrew, you may be a bit too confident in your own spiritual instincts. You may also idealize charismatic leaders or get swept up in their prophetic visions. This isn’t always a bad thing, but to keep the tendency in check, it is important to ground yourself in accepted Traditions that have withstood the test of time. Surrounding yourself with friends who are more skeptical will also help keep you balanced.

Role: The Ambassador

Primary Aspect: Revelation (Eagle)

Secondary Aspect: Tradition (Man)

Living Creature Symbol: Garuda (Eagle/Man Hybrid)

Temperament: Introverted

Extroverted Counterpart: Paul

Female Counterpart: Naomi

Complementary Disciples: Philip, Thomas, Nathanael, John


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