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Peter - The Presenter

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The Apostle Peter was the “rock” on which the Church was built. His desire for firsthand Experience propelled Peter to be present for almost every major event during the ministry of Jesus. Peter’s fear of missing out (“FOMO”) gave him a hunger to live in the moment, and to use the richness of his senses to boldly go where others dared not. Peter’s attention to detail and vivid storytelling ability combined with his Experiences to make his testimony a bedrock source of information upon which the Gospel writers would later draw. Much of what we know about Jesus today is seen through Peter’s eyes and heard through his ears. He is the ultimate Presenter of the Gospel story.

But early in his life, Peter was also impulsive and brash. He made embarrassing mistakes and often put his foot in his mouth. He was overly aggressive and had trouble backing up his promises. However, through Jesus’s patient teaching, the support of his friends and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Peter learned to embrace the power of Revelation in his life. Instead of letting his impulses drive his actions, Peter harnessed his energies to the heavenly teachings of Jesus. Instead of drifting from adventure to adventure on a whim, Peter found a passionate guiding purpose in the Gospel, which enabled him to soar above his past mistakes and embark on a new lifelong adventure.

If you are a Presenter like Peter…

You are a passionate and spontaneous person. Your enthusiasm and commitment to a cause are infectious, and others look to you for inspiration and encouragement.  You are a person of action. When you feel strongly about something, you don't hesitate to make it a reality. You can also be quite persuasive. You are skilled at communicating on a personal and emotional level.


However, also like Peter, you might be a bit impulsive. You may speak without thinking and get yourself into hot water by taking actions or making promises that you can't back up. Your attention shifts rapidly, and you may have a tendency to be a bit of a chameleon around different groups of people. To combat these downsides, you require a guiding purpose and friends who can hold you accountable to it.

Role: The Presenter

Primary Aspect: Experience (Lion)

Secondary Aspect: Revelation (Eagle)

Living Creature Symbol: Winged Lion

Temperament: Extroverted

Introverted Counterpart: Mark

Female Counterpart: Esther

Complementary Disciples: John, Andrew, James the Just, Matthew

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