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John - The Dreamer


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The Apostle John was one of the earliest and closest followers of Jesus. His reliance on Revelation gave him strong faith and enabled him to become a skilled communicator of divine wisdom, as he demonstrated poetically in the Gospel of John and the Book of Revelation. John’s passion and intuition for relationships also helped him forge a close bond with Christ. Known as “The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved” John was present for several miracles that other Disciples did not witness, leading many people to view John as Christ’s favorite follower – a belief John may have shared for a time.

Early in life, John struggled with pride as he sought his Lord’s favor, and he had an angry temper when his values were threatened. However, Experience taught John over time that his worth was not found in his own spiritual insight, but in Christ’s unconditional love and grace. This realization granted John a sense of humility that has enabled his message of love and truth to resonate around the world – and in the human heart – for 2000 years.

If you are a Dreamer like John…

You are a deeply spiritual and emotional person. You are a keen observer of relationships and personal character, often seeing connections and patterns that others miss. You are an imaginative visionary with a strong grasp of spiritual matters and the purpose of human existence. You have a natural ability to communicate your passions and share them with others in a way that changes their hearts. You can also be extremely dedicated and loving.

However, like John, you may have a fierce nature. Like a true "Son of Thunder" you may be prone to believing that your spiritual intuition elevates you above others. You may see yourself as morally superior to those less spiritually attuned than you, and this could lead you to be dismissive of others. You may be quick to anger when your values are threatened. This is a side of yourself you must temper with love and understanding.


Role: The Dreamer

Primary Aspect: Revelation (Eagle)

Secondary Aspect: Experience (Lion)

Living Creature Symbol: Griffin


Temperament: Introverted

Extroverted Counterpart: John the Baptist

Female Counterpart: Mary of Bethany        

Complementary Disciples: Peter, Andrew, James the Just, Matthew

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