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Matthew - The Manager

Matthew the Tax Collector was an unlikely Disciple of Jesus. As a Publican, Matthew collaborated with the hated Romans who oppressed the Jewish people – and he made lots of money doing it! To be a successful Tax Collector, Matthew had to be a calculating and shrewd manager of finances. While everything Tax Collectors did was technically legal, they were often driven by a desire to accrue material wealth and security. In his Publican life, Matthew seems to have been fixated on the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law. But this all changed once Matthew was called by Jesus.

Immediately, Matthew gave up his quest for financial security in exchange for the security of Christ’s salvation. Instead of looking for loopholes in Roman law, Matthew trained his eye on understanding the intricacies of Jewish Tradition. He also used Reason to interpret and think critically about scripture and prophecy. This transformation enabled Matthew to write his Gospel, which brilliantly connects the New Testament to the Old Testament by demonstrating how Christ is the fulfillment of all Jewish tradition and law.  

If you are a Manager like Matthew…

You are a structured and meticulous person. You understand and hold great respect for Tradition. You believe that the firmest foundation is that which has withstood the tests of time. You are likely to be seen as responsible in carrying out your duties according to the letter of the law. Order and hierarchy are important to you as you seek to reinforce the rules and values that preserve the security of a moral society.

However, also like Matthew, your focus on personal security – if left unchecked – could lead to a preoccupation with wealth and power. At the same time, your responsible nature highlights the many ways other people fail to live up to rules and expectations. To avoid becoming legalistic, it is important to use your Reason to discern the spirit behind the law. As it did for Matthew, developing a deeper understanding of scripture will help you apply the law with grace and confidence in the security of Christ’s forgiveness.

Role: The Manager

Primary Aspect: Tradition (Man)

Secondary Aspect: Reason (Bull)

Living Creature Symbol: Kusarikku (“Bull-Man”)


Temperament: Introverted

Extroverted Counterpart: Stephen

Female Counterpart: Martha of Bethany

Complementary Disciples: John, Peter, James the Just, Thomas


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