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Thomas - The Trailblazer

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When we talk about Thomas, we often call him “The Doubter” because he refused to believe that Jesus was resurrected until he saw Him with his own eyes, and felt His wounds with his own hands. But labeling Thomas as simply a “doubter” is a bit unfair. God designed Thomas as a man who relied on his own Experiences to guide his decisions. The things that seemed most real to Thomas were those things he could perceive with his own senses. But Thomas’s hunger for Experience also gave him great courage and energy, as he boldly charged into danger with Jesus, declaring, "Let us also go, that we may die with him."

Thomas’s reliance on Reason also contributed to his skepticism. He never wanted to be anybody’s fool. If something did not make logical sense, Thomas had a hard time believing it. But that same reliance on Reason also made Thomas a Trailblazer capable of taking the Gospel message to the far reaches of Asia. In foreign lands without a shared history of traditions and experiences, objective Reason was a vital method for Thomas to connect the truth of the Gospel to his listeners' own context. Thomas may be remembered by many as the Doubter, but in India where he preached, Thomas is their patron saint. 

If you are a Trailblazer like Thomas…

You are a courageous and hands-on person. You like to see things with your own eyes and build things with your own hands. You have an adventurous spirit that propels you to experience new things and visit new places. You are often bold and willing to challenge others. You make logical arguments based in your personal experiences. People may not always like the truths you present, but they find it hard to disprove them.

However, also like Thomas, you can be headstrong and overconfident. Your skeptical nature causes you to question the possibility of miracles. You pride yourself on being nobody's fool, and this may lead you to miss out on the more mysterious works of God. To keep yourself from becoming too cynical, you need to be open to new Experiences while grounding yourself in the things you know to be true. Some things in life cannot be explained rationally, and that is where your greatest adventure begins!

Role: The Trailblazer

Primary Aspect: Experience (Lion)

Secondary Aspect: Reason (Bull)

Living Creature Symbol: Horned Lion


Temperament: Extroverted

Introverted Counterpart: Timothy

Female Counterpart: Rahab

Complementary Disciples: Philip, Andrew, Nathanael, Matthew

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